(Cristina) Procedures: (Davis) Conclusion, Observations: (James) Problem: (Dayshondra) Hypothesis:

Problem: Will the gas that we are trying to catch be flammable or not flammable?

Hypothesis: We believe that our gas arising from the chemical reaction will not be flammable. We believe this because we think the Zinc tablets used in the other chemical reactions are more powerful and effective than the baking soda and vinegar.

1. Make sure the flask is clean from anything. (Ex: water)
2. Add baking powder in.
3. Next add the vinegar. Have the ballon ready to catch the substance.
4. Place the ballon on top of the flask and hold it up their.

5. After catching the substance, which should be bubbly, tie the ballon up.
6. Light a candle up and place it on the floor. Tie the ballon with a piece of string o
n a long stick.
7. Hold the ballon over the candle light.
8. Wait for the ballon to take action.